Registration will be from 8/13/15 - 8/28/15.

NO registrations will be accepted after 8/28/15


The Before School program will be opening up at 7:00 a.m!!


The Before/After School program is a non-profit program sponsored by Old Bridge Township that has been providing affordable childcare for over 20 years to township residents. Please read over the entire web page. There are also links at the bottom of the page that contain more information such as cost, hours of operation and our policies. Please do not contact the Board of Education if you have questions since they are not responsible for our program.

Our program is supported by parent tuition fees only. The parent/guardian/custodian will be responsible for payment of any fees from enrollment until withdrawal from the program. All tuition fees must be kept current in order for child care services to be provided. Activities will include homework time (45 minutes to do homework in a quiet environment), organized games, special arts & crafts projects, and movies.

Breakfast will not be served in the Before School Program. However, you may send your child with a nutritious snack/meal. We don’t provide utensils, microwave to heat up food, or refrigeration. The After School Program does provide a daily snack and drink for your child. 

The Before & After School uses an online registration system.   You must create an online account ahead of time if you dont already have one with the recreatino department. Please read below on how to get registered and create an online account. We don't have a maximum capacity for our programs.  We accept all registrations as long as they are in the registration periods.   All students must be enrolled in one of the twelve Old Bridge elementary schools or one of the two Old Bridge middle schools. We don't accept children from private schools. 

How to get registered?

Step #1:  If you have never been part of any of our program please go to www.oldbridge.com and create and online Recreation   Account by clicking on the Recreation Registration link on the left hand side. 

Step #2:   Once you read over ALL of the directions for NEW CUSTOMERS create your account. 

Step #3:   Once complete, you will need to send proof of residency and birth cetificate for each participant to our office.  Documentation can be faxed to 732-607-4813 or emailed to afterschool@oldbridge.com.

Step #4:  When we receive your documenation we will approve your account and a Recreation Login ID will be emailed to you from our software comopany ETRAK plus.  Once you have your login ID , please follow these step by step instructions to get registered. Click HERE for instructions.


Before & After School Tuition Prices 2015/2016  

* Our tution prices are based on the 180 days of school. We don't give refunds or credits for when your child is sick or for when our program closes early because of inclement weather(snow, ice, excessive heat, or any other emergencies). 

Our program doesn't charge any additional fees for the 15 extra half days during the school year if you are enrolled in the After School program or the Before & After School Combination.  If your child is  enrolled only in the Before School program there is an additional $16 fee per half day you enroll your child in during the school year. 



After School Monthly Tuition Fee (These tuition prices are for the Elementary Schools Only)


5 days

4 days

1-3 days





Before School Monthly Tuition Fee (These tuition prices are for the Elementary Schools Only)


5 days

4 days

1-3 days





Before & After School Monthly Tuition Fee (These tuition prices are for the Elementary Schools Only)


5 days

4 days

1-3 days





Middle School After Care Monthly Tuition Fee (These tuition prices are for Middle School Only)


5 days

4 days

1-3 days





Monthly Registration Dates

Our registraton is on a month to month basis.  You must register the month prior to when you need the service.  A $25 late registration per child will be added to any registrations received after the due date.  Parents must remember to enroll each month.  We suggest you put a reminder in your phone as to when your payment is due by as we don't send out bills.

Month Registration Starts Registration Ends
September Aug. 17th Aug. 28
October Sept 8th Sept. 27
November Oct. 1st Oc. 15th
December Nov. 1st Nov. 15th
January Dec. 1st Dec. 15th
February Jan. 1st Jan. 15th
March Feb. 1st Feb. 15th
April March 1st March 15th
May April 1st April 15th
June May 1st May 15th

November Kids Camp: 


This year there will be no addtional fee for our November Camp.  November camp will be a part of your regular tuition.The camp dates are November 5th & 6th..  The camp hours are from 7:00 a.m. and goes until 6:00 p.m. Parents must drop off an pick up at the school. Parents must also pack a lunch for the day.  Snacks and juice will be provided by our program 2x a day.

Delayed Opening & Early Closing Policy Because of Inclement/Severe Weather

In case of a delayed school opening, Before School child care will be cancelled, but After School care is held as usual until 6:00 pm. Our program does not operate when schools have an emergency closing in the event of snow, extreme heat or other severe weather. 

Our parents will receive an alert from the Old Bridge Township School District Parent Portal Alert System if our program is closing early because of an emergency.  Please make sure you have signed up with the school distrcits alert system. It is up to the parents/guardians to make alternative arrangements in advance of snow, heat or severe weather related early closings.  You must contact the school's main office if your child attends the After School program and will be going home on the bus, as a walker, or somebody will be picking them up at the school on days our program is closed because of inclement/severe weather.

If you havent signed up for the alert system yet, please do so by clicking on the link below:

Old Bridge Township Parent Portal Alert System

Scheduled Half Days

The After School program is available on all scheduled half days  at NO extra cost to students enrolled in the After School Program. This doesn't include early dismissal for snow or extreme heat. Our program is CLOSED on early dimissal days for snow or extreme heat.  If your child is in the Before School program you may pay for the Drop in Program if you need your child to stay on the scheduled half days.


If you need Before and After School, but only need Before for 3 days and After for 5 days, you must choose the Before and After Combination for 5 days. If you need Before for 5 days and After for 3 days, you still must also enroll in the Before/After combination for 5 days.

Half Day Drop In Program

Click HERE for information on our Half Day Drop in Program if you are not enrolled in the Before & After School monthly program.

Late Registration Form

If you need the late registration form please click HERE. 

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