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Green Business Resource Center


Welcome to the Mayor's Office of Economic Development of Old Bridge Green Business Resource Center. This website is designed to assist businesses who want to go green and save money by incorporating environmentally friendly business practices through energy conservation, waste reduction, and pollution prevention.

The links below will provide local businesses with information on implementing green practices, as well as online resources and financial incentives. 

Your participation in this initiative is important and will support sustainability efforts already underway in Old Bridge. In addition, businesses who implement one or more of the following "actions" will be featured on the Green Business Resource website and will have an opportunity to receive an award at the Township's first annual Green Business Recognition Program Award Ceremony scheduled for the spring of 2010. Be sure to register your green business on the website registration form.

Actions for Greening Your Business (Source: Sustainable Jersey)

Waste Management
Reduce waste generated
Reduce product packaging
Reduce paper use
Increase recycling
Purchase recycled materials
Manufacture or sell recycled products
Compost food scraps and yard waste

Energy Use
Purchase electricity generated from renewable sources
Invest in on-site solar or wind energy
Install a geothermal heating and cooling system
Conduct an energy audit
Install energy efficient light bulbs and appliances
Earn the ENERGY STAR for a commercial or industrial facility

Water Conservation
Install low flow toilets and aerators for faucets and shower heads
Use native, drought tolerant plants to reduce landscape watering
Serve drinking water only by request
Recycle grey water

Green Building and Landscaping
Install a green roof
Implement sustainable landscaping practices
Construct a rain garden
Use no or low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints and sustainable building materials
Achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification or other green building standards for a commercial or industrial facility

Outline a trip reduction strategy
Facilitate employee participation in carpools or vanpools
Subsidize public transit for employees
Offer bicycle parking, lockers, and showers
Purchase hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicles
Offer telecommuting or compressed work weeks

Pollution Reduction
Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in production process
Use green cleaning supplies

Purchase green products
Produce or sell environmentally friendly items

Social Responsibility
Offer employee welfare and benefit programs
Produce or sell environmentally friendly items
Ensure equitable hiring practices
Pay living wages
Offer affordable housing
Sell healthy foods
Participate in corporate philanthropy
Allow employees on-the-clock participation in community service

Commitment to Local Economy
Purchase products from local suppliers
Offer job training or apprenticeships for local residents
Hire workers from local colleges and training programs
Mentor local entrepreneurs and new businesses


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