Old Bridge Township

Middlesex County, NJ

1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 732-721-5600     Fax: 732-607-7900

Rent Stabilization Board

Resumes are now being accepted for anyone interested in serving on this board. 

Mission Statement
The Rent Stabilization Board resolves landlord and tenant issues for apartment complexes throughout Old Bridge Township. The Board supplies information and assistance to landlords and tenants to help them comply with the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month, at which time, it can hold hearings and adjudicate applications from tenants/landlords.

The Board has the power to reduce/increase rentals, award compensation and/or direct the landlord to make repairs. Rent stabilization is a self-sustaining department, in that it is supported by the annual registration fees that the apartment complexes pay.


Gina Talamo, Committee Chairwoman
Diana Penn, Committee Co-Chairwoman
Eileen Powers, Homeowner
Leslie Levine, Homeowner

Theresa Vidal, Tenant
Edina Brown, Tenant

Bert T. Lundberg, Board Attorney
Rosemaire Rivoli, Board Secretary

Landlord - 1 Vacancies
Landlord Alternate - Vacant
Homeowner - Vacant
Tenant - Vacant

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Contact Information

Rosemarie Rivoli, Board Secretary

Phone: 732-721-5600 x2060



Registration form for apartment complexes

Application for Apartment Transfer

Request for Hearing/Procedure application

Truth in Renting - Tenant Rights

Rent Stabilization Ordinance