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Housing Inspection Division Requirements

Appointments must be made for Housing CA applications by  clicking here

Ordinance 235-16 “Certificate of Approval required prior to transfer; fee.”

This ordinance provides that no owners, agent, real estate agent or broker, firm, company, partnership, corporation or persons shall rent, transfer, lease, let, mortgage, with right of occupancy or otherwise dispose of ownership until a Certificate of Approval is issued by this department. All open permits must be closed out! This will hold up your closing, so we suggest you close all permits before you are ready to sell your house.

• A Residential Certificate of Approval will not be issued until the following items are addressed:

1.   There are no open building or zoning permits for the property.
            o  If so, they must be fully satisfied with all associated fees and inspections as
               required before the CCO will be issued.

2.  There are no identifiable unsafe structures or unsafe conditions or violations of the adopted property maintenance ordinance as evidenced by a general
     inspection of the property.

             o § If so, they must be addressed as directed before the Certificate of Approval will be issued.

• We adopted this program to address growing areas of concern for the municipality.
                 First, property owners unresponsive to a large inventory of open permits which have not been fully satisfied.

NJAC 5:70 “Certificate of Smoke Detector Compliance”

This statute provides that in all Use Group R-3 & R-5 dwellings (single family homes) that are sold, leased or otherwise made subject to a change of occupancy for residential purposes, the owner shall obtain a Certificate of Smoke Detector and CO detector Compliance from the appropriate enforcing agency. In Old Bridge, your local Fire Prevention Bureau issues this Certificate. Homes in Fire Districts 1 & 2,  should call 732-970-6542, Homes in Fire District 3 & 4 should call 732-723-1124. If you are not sure what fire district the property resides in, you can visit HERE and input your block & lot (in upper left corner).

The fee for Certificate of Smoke Detector Compliance should be made out to the applicable Fire District.

Ordinance 235-16B as amended “Certificate of Approval required prior to transfer; fee"

Single Family Dwellings $150.00 (including townhomes & condos)

It should be noted that if a re-inspection is required another fee will also be required at the time of re-inspection scheduling.

Certificates of Approval are good for Ninety (90) days. Application must be made online  Click here

Create an account and log in. Select “Home, condo, townhouse resale/rental inspection” , and after payment and acceptance, you will log in and schedule the inspection online. All open permits must be closed out prior to CA issuance.

Guide for obtaining a Certificate of Approval
The list below is some of the most commonly found violations. This list is only a guide and is not all-inclusive.
Printable version of checklist below

Exterior of Building
_____Open permits closed?????
_____Address numbers must visible and legible from the street. (4” high)
_____Property must be free of tall weeds (8”) and debris.
_____Doorbells, if present, must work.
_____Storm doors must have closers and latches.
_____All exterior stairs, which have 4 or more risers, must have a handrail. (Count the riser backs).
_____Any landing, balcony or deck that is 30 inches or more above grade must have a guardrail.
_____ Decks & their components must be in safe & in working condition.
_____Condition of sidewalk, driveway and apron. (Pose a major tripping hazard?).
_____Electric service wire secure and in safe condition.
_____Condition of roof, gutters, downspouts & leaders.
_____Condition of fences.
_____Shrubs and hedges trimmed.
_____Condition of structure siding, (paint, brick, stucco, etc.)
_____Condition of wood trim, soffits, eaves, facia, etc.
_____Pools must be protected..
_____Screens must be in good condition and if on site
_____Septic and/or well certification required where applicable.

Interior of Building
_____Open permits closed?
_____There can be no openings in the electrical panel. Panel must have unobstructed access.
_____Check hallway lighting & stairwell lighting – switch from both top & bottom.
_____Outlets must be secure in wall.
_____Extension cords are not to be used as a substitute for permanent wiring and may not be fastened to or run through walls, ceilings, or under floor
coverings. All extensions cords must be removed for inspection. Use of multi-plug adapters is prohibited.
_____All utilities must be turned on for inspection
_____Metal extension pipe on the relief valve of the hot water required. Cannot be reduced in size and must be 6 to 8 inches from the floor.
_____Be sure water heater has ground jumper.
_____Check flue pipes.
_____Bathroom must have an operable window or an exhaust fan.
_____Bathroom must have at least one receptacle.
_____All plumbing fixtures must be in good working order.
_____Flush toilets, test showers & sinks - check for leaky drains.
_____Windows must be operable and lockable (within 6 ft. of the ground)
_____Broken or cracked glass must be repaired.
_____Repair glass where the seal is broken (foggy glass).
_____Any penetrations in walls or ceilings must be repaired
_____Handrails required on any stairs with 4 or more risers.
_____Guardrails required when there is a drop of 30 inches or more from the floor.
_____All floors and floor coverings must be in good condition.
_____Sump pump may not be discharged into internal sewage waste system.
_____Clothes dryers must independently vent.
_____Check all GFIC receptacles – near water and in garage.
_____Be sure front & rear doors lock – dead bolts cannot be key operable from inside.
_____ Sliding patio doors, screen doors if present, and door locks shall work properly.
_____Attic stairs must be operable and safe.
_____Attic appliances must be unobstructed to work properly and not pose a fire hazard.
_____Garage door openers must work properly – including “Electric Eye” safety devices.

This list is not all inclusive

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