Old Bridge Township

Middlesex County, NJ

1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 732-721-5600     Fax: 732-607-7900

Brush & Leaf Collection

Leaves are collected curbside in PAPER bags during the FALL (October - December) and SPRING (April - May).  There are times when it will take a few days to finish pickup in your Ward, please be patient.  Paper bags are available at your local home center or food stores.  Leaves in plastic bags will NOT be accepted!

Brush & branches are collected bi-weekly by appointment only from March - October Call/Email the Department of Public Works to get put on the pickup list. There is NO residential drop-off facility for leaves or brush.  Please be sure to abide by the Middlesex County restrictions when being placed on the brush list.  The restrictions are as follows: 
must be bundled and tied with string. Each bundle cannot exceed 4 ft. in length, 40 lbs or 5 inches in diameter. Smaller twigs & sticks should be placed in a bucket or pail.

If you have any questions call/email us: (732) 721-5600 Ext. 6140 / publicworks@oldbridge.com. The DPW & Recycling office is open Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 3:30pm.