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10/13/2017 - Energy Aggregation Program UPDATE

Township of Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation

The Township assures residents that the transition from South Jersey Energy back to the JCP&L tariff in December 2017 will be seamless. In November, JCP&L will send notices to residents informing them that service with South Jersey Energy will be ending effective on your December 2017 meter read date. There is nothing further that a resident needs to do. Effective on your December meter read, JCP&L will resume as you power supplier (as they had been prior to March 2016). Starting with your January bill, you will notice on your JCP&L bill that South Jersey power supply charges will be replaced with a line item for JCP&L ‘Basic Generation Service’ power supply.

 If the Township receives improved savings from its next bid later this year and awards a new contract for Round 2 of the Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation program, the new contract would likely start in Spring 2018. In such event, eligible residents (all residents except those that have their own solar generating system or their own third party supply contract, or those who chose to opt-out of Round 1 of the program), will be sent a mailing informing them of the details of the new contract, after which residents would have the 2 Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation - FAQs choice of opting-out of the new program if they do not wish to participate. Again, no further action will be necessary for residents who want to enjoy supply savings through the program.

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