Housing Inspection Division Requirements

EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 19, 2021 CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL APPLICATIONS FOR RESALE WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED OR ACCEPTED. This application should only be used for House Rentals thereafter. All active applications will need to be re-inspected and closed out.

Appointments must be made for Housing Rental CA applications by  clicking here

Ordinance 235-16B as amended “Certificate of Approval required prior to transfer; fee"

Single Family Dwellings $165.00 (including townhomes & condos)

It should be noted that if a re-inspection is required another fee will also be required at the time of re-inspection scheduling.

Certificates of Approval are good for Ninety (90) days. Application must be made online  Click here

Create an account and log in. Select “Home, condo, townhouse rental inspection” , and after payment and acceptance, you will log in and schedule the inspection online. All open permits must be closed out prior to CA issuance.

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During Covid 19 restrictions all applications will be accepted and inspections have resumed. Strict guidelines are to be followed. All occupants in the structure must wear mask and maintain 6 foot distance, failure to do so will result in a failed inspection and the inspector will leave. No exceptions.

NJAC 5:70 “Certificate of Smoke Detector Compliance”

This statute provides that in all Use Group R-3 & R-5 dwellings (single family homes) that are sold, leased or otherwise made subject to a change of occupancy for residential purposes, the owner shall obtain a Certificate of Smoke Detector and CO detector Compliance from the appropriate enforcing agency. In Old Bridge, your local Fire Prevention Bureau issues this Certificate. Homes in Fire Districts 1 & 2,  should call 732-970-6542, Homes in Fire District 3 & 4 should call 732-723-1124. If you are not sure what fire district the property resides in, you can visit HERE and input your block & lot (click search), or consult your tax bill.

Existing Hardwired (110v) smoke alarms must be maintained as hardwired (110v) alarms! Do not replace with a 10 year sealed battery alarm. these are not acceptable for this application. They can and must be used when no smoke alarms are currently present.

The fee for Certificate of Smoke Detector Compliance should be made out to the applicable Fire District and a separate application obtained from them.