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Plan Requirements For In-Ground Pool Permits

  1. A plan not less than 1” = 50’ showing the location of the proposed pool.

  2. The plan shall indicate the block, lot, and address of the proposed pool.

  3. The plan shall have a title block indicating the Engineer or Surveyor.

  4. The plan must show existing grades and proposed grades along the property and surrounding areas within 25’ on one foot (1’) intervals.

  5. The plan must show existing and proposed easements and dedications.

  6. The plan must show the limits of clearing and soil disturbance.

  7. All house tie dimensions must be shown. All house dimensions must be shown along with zoning setback dimensions for the house and pool.

  8. Location of wetlands, floodplains, and/or any other environmental constraints to the property. If there are no wetlands or floodplains, then a note should be added to the plan stating that no such areas exist on the subject property.

  9. Flow arrows indicating stormwater surface run-off and pool water back-wash discharge must be identified.

  10. Pool size, shape, and proposed location within the lot must be shown. Tie distances to pool offsets must be shown.

  11. Pool coping elevation must be indicated on the plan.

  12. Retaining wall details and structures if needed must be submitted along with the pool information signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

  13. During construction a tracking pad shall be installed at the entrance to the residence.

  14. Add note regarding: Any damage to the street, curb, or within the R.O.W. shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor, and shall be repaired within the first 30 days after completion of the in-ground pool, as per the Township standards using 4,500 p.s.i. concrete.

  15. Other items that may be required by the Township Engineer for proper construction of the site.

  16. A tree removal permit must be obtained from the Township Forrester. All trees over four inches (4”) in diameter must be shown. All trees to be removed shall be shown.

Please click here to view the Engineer's Checklist for Pool Grading Plans.