Office of the Tax Assessor

Operations of the Tax Assessor:

The primary responsibility of the Tax Assessor is to locate, identify, and value all real property in Old Bridge and maintain the correct assessed values for every building and parcel of land within Township boundaries. Some other duties related to this include:

  • Listing of all properties and assessments in annual tax list

  • Determination of taxability of all property (taxable vs. exempt)

  • Assessments of all new construction each year

  • Maintenance of the sales equalization ratio program

  • Maintenance of deduction and exemption programs

  • Defense of appeals (at all levels)

  • Supervision and maintenance of reassessment and/or revaluation programs

  • Cooperation with other officials and the public

  • Change of mailing addresses for property owners

While the Tax Assessor is responsible for the valuation of properties, the office does not calculate or consider real estate taxes in the performance of it's duties.

Please contact the Tax Collector's office at ext. 2999 for any questions regarding billing payment or questions regarding the NJ Senior Tax Freeze or PTR program (blue booklets).

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