The Council's Role in Government

The Township Council consists of nine members, all elected from a combination of wards and at-large, serving staggered terms of office. In Old Bridge, there are six ward council members and three at-large members.

The legislative power is exercised by the council by ordinance, except for measures that do not require action by the mayor which may be passed by resolution. Council resolutions do not need the mayor's signature nor are they subject to veto. The following actions may be exercised by resolution:

The override of a veto of the mayor;
The exercise of advice and consent of actions of the mayor;
The conduct of a legislative inquiry or investigation;
The expression of disapproval of the removal by the mayor of officers or employees;
The removal of any municipal officer for cause;
The adoption of rules for the council;
The establishment of times and places for council meetings; 
The establishment of the council as a committee of the whole and the delegation of any number of its members as an ad hoc committee;
The declaration of emergencies respecting the passage of ordinances;
The election, appointment, setting of salaries and removal of officers and employees of the council, subject to any pertinent contractual obligations and within the general limits of the municipal budget;
Designation of official newspaper;
Approval of contracts presented by the mayor;
Action specified as resolutions in the “Local Budget Law” (NJSA 40A4 1 et seq.) and the “Local Fiscal Affairs Law” (NJSA 40A:5-1 et seq.);
The expression of council policies or opinions which require no formal action by the mayor.
In addition, the council has the power to:

Require any municipal officer, in its discretion, to prepare and submit sworn statements regarding his/her official duties in the performance thereof, and otherwise to investigate the conduct of any department, office or agency of the municipal government.
Remove, by at least 2/3's vote of the whole number of the council, any municipal officer, other than the mayor or member of council, for cause, upon notice and opportunity to be heard;
Appoint the municipal clerk, who shall serve as clerk of the council;
Reduce any item or items in the Mayor's budget by a vote of the majority of the council, but an increase in any item or items requires an affirmative vote of 2/3's of the members of council.