Vital Statistics

Gabriella Siboni, CMR, Registrar

Susan Nelson, CMR, Deputy Registrar

The office of Vital Statistics maintains and makes available to certain individuals all vital statistic records for marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, birth, and death events that occurred in the Township of Old Bridge. Those individuals are: the subject of the vital record; the subject’s parent, legal guardian, spouse, child, grandchild, or sibling, if of legal age.

Appointments are required for marriage/civil union applications, and certified copies of vital records. To schedule an appointment please e-mail

Please make every effort to be on time to avoid the possibility of delay or cancellation of your appointment.

Effective July 3, 2021 Executive order 135 issued by Governor Murphy will expire. The following items that were allowed under the executive order have expired and will return to pre-pandemic procedures:

  • Video Marriage ceremonies will no longer be allowed.

  • Virtual Marriage applications will no longer be offered or allowed.

  • Waiver of the 72-hour waiting period from application to issuance of certificate will not longer be automatic. With valid reasons, couple may seek a waiver from the superior court.

  • An automatic extension to 90 days of license validity will no longer be applicable. Licenses issued will only be valid for 30 days.