Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering consists of both an in-house staff and specialized consultants that provide technical advice and recommendations to the Mayor, Township Council, and all of the other Township departments.

The Department offers the following services:

Prepare annual budget and capital improvement program.
Maintenance and revisions to tax maps, street maps, zoning map, and election map.
Technical review of development projects for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. These projects consist of residential and commercial subdivisions and site plans.
Supervision and inspection of development projects during construction for compliance with Board approval and Township ordinances.
Preparation of performance bonds and guarantees for development projects to insure compliance with Township approvals.
Preparation of plans, specifications and contract documents for capital projects and infrastructure improvements such as roadway reconstruction, curb and sidewalk improvements, drainage improvements, parking areas, and recreational facilities.
Supervision and inspection of capital and infrastructure improvements during construction for compliance with the engineering design.
Preparation of reports, cost estimates and feasibility studies for engineering projects.
Preparation of applications for grants and permits from federal, state and county agencies.
Coordinate with federal, state, county and utility agencies on projects within their jurisdiction such as traffic signals, highway improvements, drainage and stream improvements, water and sewer line extensions, etc.
Preparation of boundary and topographical surveys.
Preparation of metes and bounds descriptions of properties, easements and right of ways.
Preparation of environmental impact studies.
Preparation of traffic impact studies.
Technical review of plot plans for building permits and as-built plans for Certificate of Occupancy approval.
Technical review of plot plans for pool construction permits.
Review of applications for roadway excavation permits.
Review of applications for tree removal permits.
Review and process complaints regarding Township property and right of ways.