Our Common Bond Township Council Mission Statement

We treat each other with respect and dignity. Valuing individual and cultural differences. Recognizing that exceptional quality begins with people, we give employees the authority to use their capabilities to the fullest to satisfy our residents, our people.

We truly care for our residents, our people. We build enduring relationships by understanding and anticipating our resident's needs and by serving them better each time than the time before. Old Bridge residents can count on us to consistently deliver superior services at the least possible cost.

We strive to being the best at everything we do. We are committed to the continuous improvement of government services through our endless pursuit of searching for new ways to run government more efficiently and effectively.

We are honest and ethical in all our business dealings starting with how we trust each other. We keep our promises and admit our mistakes. Our personal conduct ensures that Old Bridge's name is always worthy of trust.

We believe that innovation is the engine that will keep us vital and growing. Our culture embraces creativity, seeks different perspectives and pursues new opportunities. Regardless of level or position, we are committed to excellence in everything we do.

We freely join with colleagues across public and private sector boundaries to advance the interests of our residents, our people.

Our governance goal is citizenship satisfaction in the pursuit of quality services and economic return on taxpayer investments. By living these values, Old Bridge Governance aspires to set a standard of excellence that will reward our residents, our people, and our employees.

We the Governance of Old Bridge choose to adopt and enthusiastically live our common bond.

April 1996