Plumbing Division

Our plumbing department is staffed with one full time Subcode Official and two full time inspectors.  All inspectors and the Subcode Official are available for questions each morning prior to leaving for the days inspections.  You may leave a voicemail or email for them which will be returned as soon as possible.

Frank Speranza
Plumbing Subcode Official
732-721-5600 Ext 2474

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Some Items which require permits are as follows:

  • Water heater installations.  New or replacement

  • Boiler installations.  New or replacement

  • Furnace and AC installations.  New or replacement

  • Oil to gas conversions

  • Chimney liners

  • Backflow preventers for lawn irrigation systems

  • Installation of new sump pumps

  • Any new bathroom or kitchen installations

  • Relocation of any plumbing fixtures

  • Water and sewer line replacements

  • Pool drains and heaters

  • Generators

The inspection process is as follows:

  • Rough inspections are required prior to closing up any walls with sheetrock.  All drain, waste and vent piping shall be filled with water

  • Gas piping air tests are required as part of a rough but may also be conducted when a rough inspection is not.  Example- pool heaters, generators etc.

  • Testing of hydronic piping

  • Testing of all pool piping.  This is a hydrostatic test of 25 PSI for 15 minutes

  • Underground/ Slab prior to covering any sewer, drain, water and gas piping

  • All testing procedures are to be followed as outlined in the appropriate codes