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Road Opening Permits

The Township Council adopted an Ordinance (No. 21-2006) on May 8, 2006 to prevent the indiscriminate and uncontrolled excavation and restoration of public streets within the Township of Old Bridge. As a result, no person shall remove, dig into, disturb, excavate or take up or procure to be removed, disturbed, excavated or dig up the surface of any public street, lane, alley, court, sidewalk, or other public place or any pavement therein without first obtaining a road opening permit and complying with the provisions of the Ordinance.

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The permittee shall properly guide the excavation by erection of barricades and warning lights at night. If opening is to extend the full width of the road, no more than one-half of the road shall be opened at one time; such half shall be backfilled before the other half is opened. All openings shall be jack hammered out and squared. Backfill shall consist of composite sandash/pozolan backfill materials. The backfill shall be compacted (95% compaction). The maximum compacted thickness of each layer shall not exceed eight (8) inches (or) backfilling may also be a ready mix flowable concrete.

The permittee shall call the Engineering Department for inspection 48 hours prior to of the opening at 732-721-5600 ext. 2302. After bank run has been placed, permittee shall install a temporary pavement of bituminous material over the opening. All pavement shall be replaced with a 5" base and a 2" FABC top. All road openings must be squared and sealed.