Zoning Board of Adjustment

James Sullivan, Chairman; Class IV
James Connor, Vice Chairman; Class IV
Benjamin Stoner, Secretary; Class IV
Doreen Chevalier; Class IV
Leon Scogno; Class IV

Rosanne Andrews; Class IV
Patricia Testaverde; Class IV

Alternate Members:
Daniel Cyckowski, Alternate #1; Class IV
Joseph Kuncewitch, Alternate #2; Class IV

Christopher Dasti, Esquire

Vice Secretary:
Natalie Tse

Zoning Board of Adjustment Public Hearings

May 19, 2022: Agenda | Virtual Meeting Information
1. #02-2022Z Kamlesh Patel
2. #17-2022Z Angela Pacinella

As of March 15th, Zoning Board meetings will be held in person in the Municipal Courtroom. "C" variance meetings will remain virtual.
2022 Meeting Schedule | Upcoming Meetings:
June 02, 2022
June 16, 2022