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Phone: (732) 721-5600, Ext. 6140
Fax: (732) 588-1726

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works maintains all township roads. A township road is one that is owned by the Township by ordinance. Public Works maintains and repairs all storm sewers located on Township property. For newer developments, the responsibility lies with the developer until such time as the Township assumes responsibility.

This Department is also responsible for snow removal on all Township roads. Snow removal will begin on main thoroughfares and school routes and will then continue onto the secondary roads and cul-de-sacs. During snowstorms, all vehicles should be parked off the road where possible.

Public Works will sweep all Township roads starting in the spring through fall. Please check your local cable access channel for the schedule as well as our website. All vehicles should be parked off the road where possible when the sweeper is scheduled for your area.

Click HERE to report a pothole, sinkhole, drainage issues or to make an appointment to have an appliance or brush picked up.

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